If you have questions about the Automotive Relief Program (ARP), please review the following information or call our office to speak to an advisor.

When does the program start?

Registration will open on May 1, 2020. Dealers who want to particpate in the program will sign a 90-day service and licensing agreement and complete a basic start up form.  The initial advertising agreement will run for 90-days and the dealer can opt to extend the advertising and licensing services, on a per month basis, for an additional fee.

How long will it take for the ad campaigns to start?

When all of the start up paperwork, contract, and dealer logo files have been received, the campaign management team will begin the onbaording process. Dealers will need to provide access to Google Analytics, Facebook, and their website platform so we can properly configure the ad campaigns. Delays with granting access will slow the start of advertising.

Depending on the packages the dealer chooses, basic templated campaigns can start within two business days after proper access has been granted and a credit card provided for ad spend. This two-day estimate assumes that the dealer provided a login to their website on the start up form so we can create a custom landing page for the ARP program ads. The start of advertising will also be contingent on when the dealer’s website is updated with the ARP banners that we provided to their website company to install.

What campaigns will take slightly longer?

If you select to purchase a custom video package, the finished videos will be delivered within two business of the approved script. Dealers can personalize a video package from our partner’s extensive library of market exclusive ARP messages, or they can provide us with their own finished video production.

Dealers who want to run retargeting campaigns on Google and Facebook will also need to contact their website company to install our retargeting pixels. This will allow us to expand the types of marketing campaigns we can deliver in month two and three of the program, as the list build.  Dealers who also want us to run custom audience campaigns can include those advanced strategies if they provide a customer data file.

Will the ARP ads conflict with my existing Google or Facebook ad campaigns?

No. The campaigns that we will be running for the dealership’s Automotive Relief Program will be unique. The strategies that we will be using for the dealership will be unique and focused on the ARP theme. Dealers will be advised on a recommended ad spend for Google and Facebook based on their location. The ad spend will be billed directly to the dealer’s credit card for full transparency.

Dealers can continue to run their normal online ad campaigns through their existing agency partner. We will connect our Google Ads account to the dealer’s Google Analytics account so all Google Ads campaigns will be clearly trackable. 

What does the base advertising package include?

The base advertising and licensing package is for one dealership website (URL) and covers 90 days of Google and Facebook advertising using the customized ARP banners and videos that a dealer chooses from our free or paid library. The base package also includes the creation of website content and landing pages for the ARP ad campaigns. The Google campaign strategies can include retargeting using banners or video, SEM, automotive intenders, and customer match audiences. Facebook advertising strategies can include retargeting using banners or video, custom audiences, geo-targetinging, and automotive intenders.

Google and Facebook ad budgets will be billed directly to the dealer’s credit card and are not included in the base licensing and advertising management fee. Dealers will choose their monthly budget but we will provide recommendations based on the local market and population density.

Dealers who want to also include cable TV advertising, OTT advertising, direct mail, or email marketing campaigns can upgrade their agreement using our approved advertising partners.

What are my cable and OTT video advertising options?

PCG Digital will handle video advertising on Facebook and YouTube. We have informed Effectv (formerly Comcast Spotlight), Spectrum Reach, and Cox Media on the strategies we recommend for the Automotive Relief Program but each provider will have their own advanced strategies that dealers can leverage in their local markets. Make sure you discuss all the linear and addressable options you have, including OTT, when you speak with your local account executives.  If you would like us to connect you with your local account executive, send a request to support@automotivereliefprogram.com. 

Can my agency run the ARP campaigns for me instead of PCG Digital?

Approved agencies can license the Automotive Relief Program (ARP) marketing assets and videos for use with their clients. Agencies need to contact PCG Digital to get a copy of the licensing agreement. Agencies will have to adhere to reasonable useage and quality guidelines and register each dealership URL that will be using the ARP messaging. This will also allow us to register the dealership on our national program portal. 

How will campaign performance be measured?

Each month dealers will receive a report from PCG Digital pertaining to their ARP campaigns.  The Google and Facebook ad campaigns will also be visible in Google Analytics. If dealers choose to have email, direct mail, or cable advertising campaigns run, they will receive reports from our marketing partner network. 

Do I have to renew my contract at the end of 90 days?

You are under no obligation to renew your agreement. At the end of the contract you will be required to remove all ARP banners, photo overlays, and videos from your website and marketing campaigns. Dealers in the program can also extend their contract on a month to month basis, for a prorated fee.

What should my ad spend be for Google AdWords and Facebook for the ARP program?

We’re recommending that any dealer that sings on for the base package comes forward with an ad spend of $1000 monthly for Google AdWords and $700-$1200 monthly for Facebook advertising. Upon signing up our account managers will need a credit card that your ad spend will be charged. You will be billed directly by Google and Facebook for your ad spend.

Let's Get Started

After reviewing the FAQ page, if you are ready to get started, complete the dealer registration form. A member of our sales team will reach out to you to configure  your local advertising strategy and send your a licensing and advertising agreement. It’s fast, easy, and a surefire way to get the attention of local consumers who are in-market for their next vehicle. 

The Automotive Relief Program (ARP) is a turnkey 90-day marketing strategy for auto dealers that provides a fast and easy way to re-launch local marketing efforts. Dealers who are unwilling to commit to the 90-day marketing plan and service agreement will not be licensed to particpate.