Email Marketing Program

CRM Email: $1,000

This will include an HTML email, graphic creation, UTM Tagging, reporting, and 2 deployments in a given month through the partner system. Database audiences can be tailor-made to reach a certain audience at a certain point in their customer cycle such as customers coming off a 3-year lease or finance customers who purchased in the last 5 years and may be ready to trade-in or purchase again.

Conquest Emails: Pricing Below

This will include 2 emails deployed within a given month that are UTM tagged and trackable in your analytics. Conquest is purchased in market names that are opted in to receive email. These names are 100% CAN-SPAM compliant and follow all DMA guidelines.

  • 50K records, 2 Deployments, 100K Emails Total: $2,100
  • 75K records, 2 Deployments, 150K Emails Total: $2,800
  • 100K records, 2 Deployments, 200K Emails Total: $3,500