Advertising packages

We have created a menu of services to allow dealers to customize their marketing strategy for the Automotive Relief Program (ARP). Each package can be selected once the Base Advertising Package or Program License has been selected. Read each option carefully so you can plan for your summer sales campaigns more effectively.

Online Ads & Licensing Package: $3,900 (one time fee)

This fee is for a 90-day license to particpate in the program and for our team to manage ARP advertising campaigns for Facebook, Google, and Google My Business. The dealer's advertising spend (ad budget) is NOT included in this fee. Ad spend will be billed directly to the dealership's credit card for complete transparency. The base package includes a license for all ARP advertising banners with dealer's logo, custom website landing pages, website banners, vehicle photo overlays, and campaign management for a single dealership website (URL) for 90 days.   The base package includes monthly reporting.

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Custom Video Package: $1,500

You will receive a package of three dealership personalized ARP videos (6, 15, and 30 second durations) enabling our team to maximize the reach of your message with placement on Google, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, OTT, and Premium cable advertising platforms.

We have partnered with a national automotive video production studio with an extensive library of market exclusive ARP messages. You choose the style that works for you and the production specialists communicate directly with you to personalize your script, manage and assist co-op pre-approval, suggest and help secure market exclusive voice talent and deliver finished videos within two business days of script approval.

We strongly recommend adding this package because of the proven power of video to influence local consumer behavior. Right now, your customers are consuming video content on cable, OTT, and social media channels at record levels. Let's maximize this opportunity together.

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Direct Mail Campaign (Varies)

Dealers can provide a list of existing customers to send a postcard or letter announcing the Automotive Relief Program at their dealership. Dealers can opt for a one-time mailing when the program launches or can opt to have a direct mail campaign executed each month with new ad copy. Dealers can obtain a direct mail quote from our account management team, as needed.

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Email Campaigns (Varies)

Dealers can contract with us to email existing customers using the Automotive Relief Program graphics and messaging. If dealers already have an email delivery platform, we can create a template that can be used for your own email marketing campaigns.  We do not recommend using the dealership's CRM platform for mass email marketing campaigns. Contact our account team for email marketing quotes.  Conquest email marketing lists can also be purchased and mailed to accelerate local awareness, and these can also be quoted based on list size.

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Cable Advertising and OTT (Varies)

We have advised Spectrum Reach, Effectv, and Cox Media about the national marketing program that we are offering dealers and their Account Executives (AE) will be able to consult with your dealership to craft and effective, data-driven ad strategy to reach local in-market consumers. The video package we offer can be used for cable and OTT advertising or you can consult with your local cable company about ads that they can create for you under the ARP program. Dealers must register with the program to use ARP logos and messaging. We can provide VIP contact numbers to accelerate your local ad buy so contact our account management team to get the number for your local cable provider.

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Let's Get Started

After reviewing the advertising services we can offer on this page, if you are ready to get started, complete the dealer registration form. A member of our sales team will reach out to you to configure your local advertising strategy and send you a licensing and advertising agreement. It’s fast, easy, and a surefire way to get the attention of local consumers who are in-market for their next vehicle. 

The Automotive Relief Program (ARP) is a turnkey 90-day marketing strategy for auto dealers that provides a fast and easy way to re-launch local marketing efforts. Dealers who are unwilling to commit to the 90-day marketing plan and service agreement will not be licensed to particpate. 

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