Our Mission

To provide dealers with a best-in-class, turnkey marketing strategy to accelerate sales when their business can be open and fully operational in their local community.

About The Program

The Automotive Relief Program (ARP) is a marketing coalition to help educate consumers on the current incentives, rebates, and discounts available in their community for automobiles. As consumers emerge from strict social distancing and stay-at-home orders, demand for new and replacement vehicles will increase. We want to help dealers prepare for the re-launch of business.

Since many dealers have reduced staff and cut-back on marketing during the COVID-19 crisis, the ARP provides a turnkey marketing program for dealers and affilliate agencies to invigorate marketing strategies with a clear message that will reasonate with consumers. We have done all the legwork to allow dealers to restart at an affordable price with a proven ad strategy.

Financial relief for consumers and business owners will likely be available as auto manufacturers seek to jumpstart sales by deferring payments, offering low cost financing, creating rebates and conquest cash, and bundling vehicle upgrades at lower costs. Local franchise dealers will need a strong, but simple message to grab the attention of in-market shoppers because traditional advertising messages (price/payment) will likely get lost in all the OEM Tier 1 and Tier 2 ads being run.

Dealers who would like to educate local consumers and communicate the great offers available on each vehicle they sell, can launch a personalized, omni-channel Automotive Relief message in days not weeks.  Dealers can select which services they would like to leverage to communicate their sales strategy and know that they will be first to market with a winning message.

Dealers who would like to enroll in this 90-day marketing program should review the FAQ page and then contact PCG Digital at 732-450-8200 or complete the registration form on this website. 

What We Do

We leverage our 15 years of automotive marketing experience to deliver a market-ready message for dealers who want to serve their local communities and educate them on the current incentives and programs to make their transporation needs more affordable.


We make sure all traffic is tagged properly to be independently measured in Google Analytics. 

Speed to Market

We are ready to activate your marketing campaigns, can you move quickly as well?

Local Focus

Our local marketing campaigns get your message in front of the consumers who are most likely to purchase their next vehicle in your market. No spraying and praying! 

OEM Incentives

We drive traffic to your website to highlight the current OEM incentives and rebates that can make car ownership more affordable in these challenging economic times. 

Consumers are in market shopping for the next vehicle and the ARP makes it easy easy for dealers to connect with them online with a message of financial relief.” – Brian Pasch

“Dealership advertising must include how they are making it faster, easier, and more affordable to purchase their next vehicle.” – Brian Pasch

“Dealers who are first to act will be rewarded. I have seen this play out dozens of times in the past” – Brian Pasch

Pricing & Plans

Dealers can select which marketing strategies that they want to deploy to promote their local marketing message. We have partnered with outstanding service providers to create an omni-channel solution that can be activated quickly.

Schedule a Call

If you have questions about the how the Automotive Relief Program works, just schedule a call and our  team will review the marketing blueprint and playbook. Since the program has multiple options, our team can help you pick which media channels will work best for your budget.

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